Saratoga Blackbook

Get 100+ Pages of Profitable Trainer, Jockey, Owner and Sire Stats For The 2016 Saratoga Meet!

Saratoga Race Course

Introducing the 2016 Saratoga Blackbook

With the big racing publicatoins and daily forms you are working with the exact same information everyone else has access to…

But. What if you had something different? Don't you think that would give you a HUGE edge?

Well you can search Google til the cows come home, but there is no information like this available anywhere else. The Saratoga Blackbook is jam-packed with 105-pages of winning stats. All put together in an easy to understand format that even a novice could understand. No complicated racing jargon or cryptic abbreviations no one can figure out.

Saratoga Blackbook

The Inside Information You Need to Win!

The Saratoga Blackbook covers the last four Meets starting in 2012 through 2015. No stone has been left unturned.

You'll finally get access to information that really makes a difference.

In fact, you can bet the information without handicapping. If you are a good handicapper this will make you deadly!

Here are the kind of statistics inside:

  • Which sires win the most and Saratoga? Do they show a betting profit year after year? What kind of races to their horses excel at? This is all broken down by totals and surfaces!
  • Which owners win at a high percentage with longshots? When you read this section be prepared to be shocked at the numbers!
  • Which jockeys show a profit in and what are the race types? If you like claiming races you would have lost money on Jose Ortiz!
  • Which trainers are profitable? Where are they strong? Where are they weak? If you like Maiden Special Weight racing you would have lost money betting Todd Pletcher horses.

100% Verified Statistics to Make Informed Plays at Saratoga in 2016!

With the Saratoga Blackbook you will only make bets that historically show a profit. 30-day-guarantee-graphic

No more sucker bets that drain your bankroll.

For instance, every fan knows Todd Pletcher is one of the best trainers in the country, right? But, what kind of races can bet his horses and make a profit? Which are long-term money burners? Do you know? (the answers are on pages 41-42).

What about Javier Castellano? He wins at a huge clip. Be that as it may, there are only two, count 'em two, situations where betting Javier is profitable. Which ones? (find it on page 11).

Invest In Real Information.
Double Down on Only the Facts.

Let's face it handicapping is hard work. No matter how hard you try, you always "miss something" that leaves you frustrated and broke. Over 100

What's worse is you get the same handicapping information everyone else has. Where's the edge in that? There is none.

You may end up betting a trainer because he is hot or the racing form shows a 38% win rate, yet his horse loses and a longshot comes in.

Maybe because he does not perform well with that owner's horses? You'd be suprised to find out how true that is!

But…what if you knew in advance the owner was a dud in that situation? You'd ignore the trainer stat and bet the real horse. The one where the owner has a huge advantage?

Here's sample of what you get.

Trainer Angles That Show a Positive ROI Over Time

Isn't this the type of trainer you want to bet on?

Isn't this the type of trainer you want to bet on?

If all you did was bet on this trainer's horses at the class, surface and distance we reveal in the book, you would have made a $91.80 profit on just $40.

That's 20 races run. $2 wagered per start. Profits of $91.80. That's a whopping 229.50% ROI! There are plenty more like it.

Do you know who this trainer is?

If not – you'll want to get your copy and find out now!

So You Like Handicapping Jockeys?
Check This Out!

Who is this jockey? Find out and stat cashing!

Who is this jockey? Find out and stat cashing!

This jockey is pure money in claiming races. The win percentage is OK at 16.7% but he brings home the prices.

If all you did was bet this jockey in claiming races, you would have made a $33.80 profit on $168 wagered,

That's 84 race. $2 wagered each race. Profits of $33.80. That's a tidy 20.11% ROI.

Without this information, you would have no clue this was possible.

Are You All About the Pedigree?

Bet this sire's horses on the dirt and cash in!

Bet this sire's horses on the dirt and cash in!

Bet them on the turf and lose your shirt.

Bet them on the turf and lose your shirt.

These are stats from a VERY popular sire among breeders and racing fans. His horses earn a lot of betting action at the windows.

However – if you knew this information, you would not be the chump betting his horses on the turf. Of 52 tries his horses have only won a lowly 3.8% of their races.

That's horrific. Go grab your racing form and let me know if it mentions that?

The answer. No they do not. It might hurt the breeding stud fees.

At Bet-Won our loyalty is to you. The people who wager on the sport and keep it in business.

Questions You May Have…

Q: Where does this information come from?

A: Racing results we've gathered over many years from many different sources. All placed in a database and voila!

Q: What exactly do I get?

A: You get a downloadable e-book with all the information inside. The sections included are Trainers | Jockeys | Owners | Sires. We provide only the winning situations for them. (otherwise if we included all the losing scenarios the book would be 2,000 pages long). For sires we provide the top ones, their overall record, and break it down into turf and dirt races. One or both will show a profit.

Q: Is this a handicapping system?

A: Absolutely not! You get the statistics and data and use it as you like. As an addition to your handicapping. Or to play only the winning situations you feel enhance your betting style or risk.

Q: I don't see my favorite trainer and jockey listed. Why?

A: If they are not in the book. They have not been profitable to bet on. Simple as that. Nothing says they won't have a great 2016. But as of now history shows otherwise.

Q: Will there be other Blackbooks published?

A: Yes. But we are only doing short meets that offer the biggest advantage. We will not be doing Del Mar due to the surface change. We need to see how that plays out. Expect a Breeder's Cup edition however!

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