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Rebound Horse Racing System


Finally, A Publicly Tested
Horse Racing System Guaranteed
To Make You Money!

For USA and Canadian Thoroughbred Tracks Only.


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Refund Policy       

Dear Horse Racing Fan:

We here at are super-excited to share some mind-blowing news about our Rebound System. In fact,  because you are reading this page makes you in insider. Someone apart from all web surfers looking for winning horse racing systems on the cheap.

So you know, the Rebound System is 100% mechanical. There are no complicated formulas of any kind. Just our "One Point Qualifier" and 5 common sense handicapping rules - that's it!

Rebound works for thoroughbred races in the USA and Canada and has stood the test of time for over 4 years now!

How This Once-In-A-Lifetime System Was Discovered

On a Saturday afternoon, one of our senior horse handicappers burst through the door exclaiming, "This is it! Last night it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was studying the winners at Belmont and Delaware for the past 3 months. Do you guys notice anything in common with the big priced horses? Look it's right here!"

We all looked at each other and stuck our head back in our racing forms, and mumbled some unattractive words. But our senior handicapper wasn't going to let this one die.

We'll Show You How It Works Right Now!

He noticed that the last 2 races of many big winners had reverse speed figures. In other words the speed figure for the horse's most recent race was lower than the second most recent race. In other words the horse ran a solid race and "bounced" his last out.

But how can you be sure this was a bounce or the beginning of a down cycle? Well, when you apply our five common sense handicapping rules to the mix...the answer becomes crystal clear.

What If You Had Been One of the Lucky Few Who Hit a $4,340.40 PICK-3...
Free of Charge?

On November 10, 2002 our customers were witness to a day where our system produced 8 winners out of 16 key selections at a fabulous 143% flat bet ROI! What's more, 11 of those 16 selections finished in the money. Our Rebound System picked..

    • Miss Cap $5.10
    • Haggs Castle $9.40
    • Tarakan $15.40
    • Freefourinternet $9.80
    • Lucky Lottery $5.40
    • Dena's Diamond $9.00
    • Re Vote $11.80
    • Lake Ray $9.60

Then in our follow up email we told our free subscriber list: "Well how can we possibly top last week's performance? Let's give it our best. But remember we AVERAGE 20-25% winners, that means a good week is just that, a good week as is a poor let's keep our heads on straight and maintain that positive ROI." And as they say, the rest my friends is history.

That day at Calder Racecourse our Rebound Horse Racing System had its most shining moment. Here are the results:

Race 1 - Moochie Too WINNER $6.40
Race 2 - Wild Tip WINNER $11.80 Daily Double $48.20
Race 3 - Tight Security WINNER $100.60 Pick 3 $4,340.40

In fact we received this message later that very afternoon..."I just got home but not in time to place a bet on Calder 3rd race. $100 winner on a $2 bet!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! - C.R."

And 4 Years Later - Rebound Rolls On and On!

"I have been using [Rebound] with good success. I had a $55.70 winner today at Woodbine, I also had a $39.80 winner at Woodbine" - J.C. Canada


Take Advantage of Our Amazing Discount Price!                 

With all the systems out there and computer programs that don't work, what would you be willing to pay for a quick and easy system that's been proven to work?

We thought about it and wanted to be sure you were getting a great value for your money. In the past others gladly paid the going price of $59.95. Heck, those people who bought the system then thought it was a super-deal - and now you can take yours for a fraction of the cost at $29.95. So what about you? YOU'RE GETTING AT A STEAL NOT A DEAL.

Buy Now                

After all, if you love going to the track doesn't it make sense to be armed with all the winning information you could possibly have?

What's more, Rebound will deliver all the information needed to win at the races.

Buy Now           

See You In The Winners Circle,

Denny Nash



Thank you for visiting, and please bookmark our site!

We wish you loads of fun and success using our horse racing systems at the race track. If you're looking for horse racing forms you can do so here.

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P.S. We are here to help you comprehend and successfully use our horse racing systems. If you are having any difficulties understanding our systems we're here to help. Email us with your handicapping questions and one of our experts will email you back within 24 hours.  

Remember you can try our Thoro-Profits and Thoro-Angles systems for FREE, just sign up for our our FREE Picks. Or, to purchase any of our horse racing systems please click the link of your choice below.

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