Toteboard Horse Racing System

How Did This Retired Plumber with ZERO Horse Betting Experience Win $500 in a Single Day?

Toteboard Horse Racing System

Toteboard Horse Racing SystemThis unique Toteboard Horse Racing System that could actually allow you to build a fortune without ever cracking open another racing form. Sounds unbelievable right? Well, it's not…

Hidden Toteboard "Alerts" Spot The Overlay Horses!

Discover how a small group of early-bird buyers uses a tote board handicapping system to easily predict 31% longshot winners at any race track in America…And now you can use these same "hidden" alerts to post returns as high as 300-600% over the coming months ahead…

They're just people like you and me doing this. Some are retired. Others are still working.
They're in their 30s and 40s. Or 60s and older.

What they've all discovered is a surprising way to use previously hidden tote board "alerts"…to reliably predict which horses will win a race at overlay (i.e. longshot) odds.

What's more, they're using that information to post 300–600% gains on their WIN ONLY bets. Surprisingly fast. Over and over again.

Is what they're doing cheating? It can sure sound like it, since they're often using information ignored by the majority of horse bettors. Yet the same information is right under everyone's noses…if they know where to look for it.

  • Two days after reading Watch&Win…65-year-old David Garcia a retired plumber, was able to use what he knew to win over $500 in one day!
  • On Oct. 10, a certain race track was spitting out "alert" winners like crazy. Five racing days later, 47-year-old Gerald Harris, a $5 bettor, pocketed profits of $250.
  • Arnold Thomas of Florida got more than a glimpse of the "alerts" at his favorite tracks. Six racing days later, he was up a stunning $1,000.

And the surprising truth is anyone can do this. I gave an advance copy of this horse racing system to a small group of individuals who are proving this right now.

Every day, I get emails thanking me for the system and showing them how to spot the hidden "alerts." Even though most bettors know how to read the toteboard, they cannot interpret it.

I'll show you what we're finding in on the toteboard in just a second. I'll also show you how we're piling up winnings using a special system I've developed to take the best possible advantage of the details we discover.

For example, as I write, this, the system just nailed a runaway 6-1 winner. David Perez, one of the early buyers, just shot me an email…

"Denny, I just hit a $14 horse, my third straight winner today…up 144%
in 42 minutes…I'm delighted with the system…More winners, please!"

Believe me, we're just getting started. But as I said, these mostly ignored "alerts" have a long history of revealing hidden details and golden opportunities. With some very impressive results…

  • Steve Evans used a 2 up 1 down alert, five minutes to post at Belmont Park, to catch a $15.20 winner without ever cracking open a racing form.
  • J.B. Harris waited only 15 minutes after he saw a 3 up 0 down "alert"…to pocket a nice profit on a $23.80 winner at Oak Tree Santa Anita.
  • Theresa Wright, an accountant in Los Angeles, caught Albertus Maximus, a $14.60 winners at the Breeder's Cup and she'd never bet on a horse race in her life!

What's also surprising is how consistently effective this horse racing system can be. In fact, even during the current calendar year, you can find at least 70 plays a month per track tied to specific "alerts"-driven betting opportunities. Belmont Park…Santa Anita…Delaware Park…Arlington Park…The Meadowlands…Keenland Park…Calder Racecourse…the list goes on.

Whether you bet at the track, OTB, satellite simulcasts, or online race tracks across America are required (because of the pari-mutual system) to quietly reveal theses "alerts"…buried in full sight and filled with deep secrets the professional handicappers don't dare share – especially in their industry-sponsored and puff-piece articles.

And reading the toteboard with this understanding can be like reading a blueprint of tomorrow's race results, every single one of them revealing things that could start driving the odds in one direction or another, provided you know how to read the details.

What I've created is a four-step system for doing exactly that. In a moment, I'll show you how it works. Including how you could use what you'll discover to make — over and over again — as much as double, triple, or even five or six times your money.

But first, you're asking…

What Exactly Is a "Hidden Alert "?

Imagine hearing the secret confessions of top owners, trainers, jockeys and insiders…

Sitting behind closed doors at their last-minute strategy sessions. Imagine knowing — before millions of American bettors— exactly what the top-dog insiders at America's best and biggest tracks are about to do with their money.

Normally, that's privileged information. But on certain races — at least 70 times per month — racetracks across America reveal some of their deepest betting secrets in these "hidden alerts."

  • Two minutes after a confirming a 1 up 2 down "hidden alert" at Calder, Sam G. Nguyen was able to make $200 Win bets that made him $780 in one race.
  • Ray Turner, 61 years old and retired, added $250 to his bankroll…just 4 days after playing 4 race tracks using all four "hidden alerts".
  • In one day 28-year-old Jimmy Bennett saw 10 "hidden alerts" appear, he quickly made win bets on those alerts that netted a sweet 45% return on investment (ROI).

The thing is, what the workout clockers, and comment writers reveal to the Racing Form is rarely as stark and honest as what's revealed in these "hidden alerts." In fact, the gap between what bettors read in these papers…and when the real betting is actually made…can give anyone a "loophole" opportunity to get the jump on longshots, typically ignored by the other bettors.

As I'll show you in just a second. Some knowledgeable Watch&Win owners even call these alerts "a crystal ball"…because they realistically expose many of the secret betting patterns, the majority of bettors just don't understand…

Because no matter how much insiders try to cover up their bets…the "hidden alerts" get hit under legal toteboard scrutiny. There's little wiggle room for insiders and betting coups to
hide the truth.

Recent hidden form reversals…secret racing strategies that the jockey has yet to use…hush-hush intentions…and more…they all come out in the wash when a "hidden alert" gets triggered. YOU'LL NEVER NEED TO HANDICAP AGAIN!

When the signals are go, you will make your bets. When the rules say no, you sit on your hands knowing exactly when NOT to bet.

Either way, you can turn that information into huge gains, once you know how.

The four-step system I'll show you is one way to do precisely that. I believe it's the best possible way, too. With reduced risk and highly predictable results…to the tune of thirty or forty percent on every dollar invested.

Let me show you what I mean…

Toteboard Alert 1

Hidden "Alert" ROI #1: 225%
How a 2 Down / 1 Up Alert Could
Have Made a Few Smart Bettors A Nice Score

During a seemingly nothing race at Calder Racecourse, the chalk players got cocky. They loaded up on a horse the toteboard told us had no chance. Then, based on the 2 Down / 1 Up hidden alert, the smart bettors cashed in…on the bet of the day. Andrew Hall a winner we all had and never once had to look at his past performance lines.

No handicapping – nothing. We all cashed in on this nice 225% return on investment!

 Toteboard Horse Racing System

Hidden "Alert" ROI #2: 195%
The Little Detail That Turned a
"Plug" Horse Into Live Play


How many times have you handicapped a race…looked at the toteboad…saw a horse that was being bet…but you had no clue as to why…only to have a seemingly "glue worthy" racehorse win in your face?

Too often, I'm sure. And there's a reason. What board watchers didn't realize was that the "alert" telling you to bet that horse was flashing loud and clear…this time it was the ever-steady 2 Up / 1 Down alert telling us "bet every cent on Indian Nickel."

You can guess what happened next. Here's what it looked like…
Alert 3

Hidden "Alert" ROI#3: 355%
A 355% Gain in 60 Seconds
After Almost Getting "Shut Out…"

During the weekend the horse race books are crowded, bettors who have never placed a wager before clamor to the windows with no clue. You are standing behind the clueless one anxiously trying to get your bet in.

Less than a 5 minutes to post time, the "hidden alert" you wanted to bet took has suddenly changed. The barns couldn't hide any longer just how much they loved their horse. A big last minute bet swung the odds. And it was obvious to anyone who looked at how much late money was dumped on this horse…thanks to Mr. Clueless we're in business!

That was perfect timing to step in and snap up a longshot with in a 1 Up / 2 Down alert. Having patience is key, as here's what could have happened for you…

Make Perfect Plays,
Even in an Unbettable Race

Even before the first official Watch&Win e-book went public, we saw two tracks that were on fire with "hidden alerts" shooting profits up 120% and 130%. That's better than double your money. Twice. And that's before we even hit the other simulcast tracks.

I'm proud, sure. But make no mistake. Just because my readers and I aim for more winners, and bigger gains than you could get with other supposed systems out there…that doesn't mean we bet the races like it's a roulette wheel. Why take chances, after all, if you don't have to?

Strict Rules That Help
Ensure Your Success

I've already proved my horse racing system for playing these unique money-multiplying opportunities can work. But there are rules of "conduct" I follow, too. Four very simple ones that help protect my Watch&Win readers from any avoidable losses. And, just as much, to make sure you get every chance to maximize every possible gain…

Rule No. 1: Minimize Risk
As I said earlier, when some people think of playing the toteboard, they immediately think of Betfair or something complicated like that. But that is a very risky way to bet on horse racing. It can also be expensive. And the amount you can make is strictly limited.

What I love about Watch&Win is that you can control the risk. You can't lose more than
you decide to put on the line. And you can decide how long you want to play, right from the start. The "other" key to cutting risk is good old-fashioned common sense. I simply do not need to sift through a ton of conflicting past performance information to find the right horses to bet. I'm too old and lazy.  If you don't have someone doing the homework for you, I agree this isn't something to just jump into blindly. But with all the work already taken care of, you'll never need to do more than decide whether you want to jump on the opportunity…make a five-minute assessment…and read off the instructions that I'll provide. This can easily be a safer way to make money, if you're doing what I show you how to do in the system.

Rule No. 2: Keep It Cheap
The other thing to love about using Watch&Win these horses bet are usually much higher odds than what you're used to seeing for "obvious" horses. The best part about betting overlays like these is that it gives you plenty of room to take your gains much higher and more than enough room to recoup any losses.

You could easily make back the cost of the system and more in one day at the races!

Rule No. 3: Aim High
The best part of betting with Wact&Win is the power of overlays to turn even small unoticable toteboard moves…into big profits. Each horse you bet on can be like owning a stakes horse running in claiming company. Even though you're obviously getting much more generous odds.

Let me welcome you into our winners circle of opportunity and you'll quickly see what I mean. By the way, if I don't come through the way I've promised today, it’ll have cost you nothing to give my system a try. And finally…

Rule No. 4: Keep It Easy
Pros bettors love this strategy. Many use it all the time. And will never admit it. But that doesn't mean doing this has to be difficult. With my new system and 4 easy alerts, it doesn't matter if you've never made a bet on a horse before. I walk you through it, it's just so easy. First, I explain why we're considering each move. Then I tell you exactly what you would want to say at the window when you make your bet.

Start to finish, no alert will take you more than 10 minutes to read…or five minutes to put into play. My system makes each move thorough. But no more thorough than we need to be to get the job done.

Obviously, I do all the footwork for you. I dig up everything we need to know about betting from the toteboard, using the "hidden alerts" and whatever else in my analysis that I can get my hands on. With each alert, you will easily decide if a bet is for you. It's that simple.

Everything is laid out for you. There's only one thing I'll ask from you in return. And that's that you'll let me know if you're ready to accept my invitation soon. Because right now, I believe there's never been a better time for my strategy to work.

So, how much should something like that cost you?

Thousands Worth of Research
at a Fraction of the Price

As I said, I'm not the only guy doing this work. Others track this important aspect of horse betting. And do a very good job, too. But as I'm sure you can imagine, doing this kind of research doesn't come cheap. To get diamonds, you've got to dig. And of course, I happen to know that we shelled out $10,000 each year for the research service we used.

But Watch&Win won't cost you $10,000. That's a lot more than I'll ask from you before you can join our inner circle of Watch&Win players.

See, the fact is just by inviting a certain number of members into these opportunities, my publisher and I are able to spread out the costs for the research service…for producing and laying out my book…for even my own fees as head handicapper. That makes it possible to let you into a Watch&Win slot right now for just $29.95.

So now there's only one thing left… Let me hear from you now and you'll lock in your place our Watch&Win "insider's circle."

We hope to hear from you soon!

P.S.  Winter racing is starting and the overlay winners are heating up.

Some of the readers already using our system wrote in…

"I just hit a nice score for $26.40 which I bet $40 on the nose for a total gain $488!! This is very exciting stuff…I hope they keep coming like that. I really appreciate your hard work, and thorough detailed system. Awesome Denny! You are the man!"
— James Y.

"A cool 72.35% profit later, I'm a Watch&Win disciple! Spectacular
call… keep ‘em coming!"

— David R.

"Purchased your Watch&Win system, 3 tracks…
actual profit less bets… 35.42%… Thanks Denny!"

— D. Fedeli

"Man, I owe you a case of beer… Watch&Win gave me 5 alerts
in ONE DAY, I'm up $250! Man, you're beautiful!…
PLEASE keep up the fantastic work!"

— Thurman M.

There's a good chance Watch&Win will produce our next money-doubling or tripling opportunity at the next post time. To make sure you don't miss the details, I need to hear from you today. You will most likely never see a horse racing system or a deal like this again, so act right now…

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