The 5 Furlong Miracle

Finally a Horse Racing System that Includes ALL the Facts!

The 5 Furlong Miracle We're excited to introduce you to the 5 Furlong Miracle. A new generation of horse racing system based on back-tested computer data from computer research going all the way back to January 1, 2012.

This is for all 5 furlong races at all tracks across the country and all qualifying horses. Does every horse win? Who on earth would be dumb enough to believe that?

Of course not. If a horse has a 45% chance of winning that is a big long-term edge. If you are out to make a quick score and have pockets filled with cash after one day at the track – this is not for you.

If you understand the game and know that for the horse racing bettor, the spoils go to the slow and consistent – then this is for you.


Stop Reading Right Now If…

You are an action junkie looking to make a quick easy score, or expect every horse to win…just forget it. Go to the other online sellers who can give you lots of false hope. The 5 Furlong Miracle is for people who want to win over the long-term, slowly and steadily. And can take a loss or two without moaning and crying, knowing that in the long run they will come out ahead.

Here is the long-term chart of this profit-pulling system…

Overall Win Percentage

So what do you get?

First you get a 9-step system than can be used with pencil and paper. You will need Brisnet Ultimate PPs (we will tell you more in the e-book). You can also full automate the process for handicapping and automatically checking for qualifiers by using Betmix.  The choice is yours. Either way you will need to purchase racing forms to use this system.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

How Do I Know What Tracks to Play?

In the system we detail exactly how every track performs since Jan 2102 using this system. Does that guarantee a win every time? Again, please stop reading if that's what you expect.

So Let's Review. You Get:

  • A pencil and paper system via PDF download
  • 9-steps to find the qualiying horse(s)
  • Full breakdown of every track in the USA and Canada
  • Which are profitable and the exact statistics
  • Which are not profitable and the exact statistics
  • What type of races to play at specific tracks
  • The Win, Place, Show percentage and exact ROI

money back guarantee


Remember The 5 Furlong Miracle is 100% Guaranteed for 30-days!

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