No Handicapping System

No Handicapping SystemLive the horse players dream! Effortlessly nail 65-75% winners at any track without ever cracking open a Racing Form again…

Now, more than ever, horse players are turning to this no handicapping system where picks are automatically selected based on thousands and thousands of complicated handicapping factors.

And the reason they’re doing it is because they know that there are just too many variables to consider and calculate.

They also realize that to be successful at horse betting — you need solid picks with a solid betting plan. There are too many tracks. Too many races. And too little time to handicap all those races.

Finally get all the action you crave. Plus hit multiple double-digit winners and triple digit exactas at any track, every day with the new On-Demand Handicapper no handicapping system. It’s the next-generation system for automatically selecting strong, fundamentally sound, undervalued horses and gives you a quick and easy way to bet them like a professional.

Using the On-Demand Handicapper system is like having a team of professional handicappers working for you. This is the horse racing system to use when you don’t want to handicap but really want to cash big-priced winners with frequency.

If you’d like to know:

  • Which horses to bet…
  • Exactly how to bet them…
  • When to not to bet…
  • How to reduce your risk…
  • How to hedge your wagers effectively…
  • How to hit almost 50% of the longshot winners at any track…
  • Which 3rd party platform offers picks for EVERY track EVERY day for less than a cup of coffee…

This powerful no handicapping system is absolutely crucial to making money in today’s betting environment.

It combines the power of 100% proven and time-tested handicapping principals with an easy-to-use, highly visual user interface for the most effective, most productive way to bet on winning longshots!

“…an excellent system for any level player.”

“On-Demand Handicapper is a wonderful horse racing system that shows you how to find horses that are efficiently and effectively screened using thousands of handicapping factors to uncover the hidden gems and the overlooked winners. I just log on – and the winners are right there. How easy is that?

I also had Shangala at Aqueduct at 27-1 PLUS the exacta – are you kidding me?!!”


While other “systems” are completely based on nothing but hard-to-follow, worn out factors that no longer work, the On-Demand Handicapper user, without ever having to handicap, only bets on high-quality and logical horses.

Ignoring trends, conventional race-track wisdom and hot tips, allows our system users to bet on undervalued horses that fly under the radar, have qualifying speed, stellar earnings and are set up to win. We cash massive tickets and wait for the rest of the world to catch up.

“Great system. I will never handicap again!!”

The On-Demand Handicapper is a remarkable system. I just pick the track and the race and BOOM the qualifying horses are right in front of me. I literally do nothing and I’m making a small fortune playing the night tracks! Thanks for the heads up… Great product, great price, great service.

Keep up the great work!


Finding double-digit winners with consistency has been historically tedious and time-consuming. It required tremendous patience and analytical skills, not to mention hundreds of calculations and comparisons.

But now, that’s all changed!

Thanks to the Internet, accurate online past performances and inexpensive but powerful computers, all you need to do is make one mouse click and this amazingly easy-to-run system will uncover winning longshot horses for you instantly.

One mouse click and you can begin betting smarter and much more profitably.

How this Racing System Can Help You…

It’s perfect for anyone. If you can log onto a website using a username and password.  You can do this. The selection system runs in the background and starts by performing a detailed fundamental analysis of a horse’s past performances (Speed Rating, Earnings and Trainer/Jockey Connections), computes the important key values and then runs the results through a series of proven, time-tested algorithms to obtain the horses with absolute best chance of winning.

The higher the rating, the better the horse.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Knowing a horse’s Fundamentals rating puts you light-years ahead of most bettors. Imagine no more expensive Racing Forms. You can get full access to these winning computer picks (plus the past performances) for less than $1 per track. The savings alone from not having to buy the DRF or Brisnet is HUGE.

However to really minimize risk and maximize profits, you need a good Betting Strategy that you'll follow with consistency.

The e-book includes the optimal way to place your wagers from small to big bankrolls. You decide which one is right for you.

In short, you will know what to bet, when to bet and when not to bet.

Horse Racing System that’s Completely Automatic…

The On-Demand Handicapper system shows you how you can analyze an entire racing card with a few mouse-clicks.

And the process runs instantly so fundamentally solid horses pop onto your screen in seconds.

Today’s Horse Races - BETMIX

Just 10 years ago this same handicapping research would have taken a team of professional researchers months to complete.

And just 5 years ago these horse tips sheets would have cost you a hundreds of dollars a year. Some people still pay that today for professional handicapping assistance.

The Good News is… that’s no longer necessary. The On-Demand Handicapper system can show you how to automatically access the computer handicapping analysis you need.

On-Demand Handicapper is a horse racing system PDF explaining in detail where to get, and how to bet the selections for maximum profit. The selection platform and past performances are provided separately by a 3rd party source for less than the cost of buying the Daily Racing Forms*. The link to the platform is included in the book. 

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