Favorites Horse Racing System

How to bet the post time favorite so you can consistently make money while everyone else wonders how the heck you do it!

Favorites Horse Racing System

That's right.

While your track buddies have their heads buried in their $10 racing forms…

You'll be enjoying the atmosphere…calmly sipping your drink…casually glancing at the odds board…placing your wagers…and cashing your tickets.

With this favorites horse racing system, it really is that easy.

Simple Horse Racing System Most horseplayers know that the post time betting favorite wins at about a 35% rate. That number is true pretty much worldwide, or wherever parimutuel racing happens. This includes harness racing, and greyhound racing. The trick is how can you make a profit betting on the favorite when you are losing 65% of the time?

In this book you will find and powerful betting strategy that does just that. It allows you to manage losing streaks so you don't go bust, and take advantage of winning streaks so that you lock in your profits.

If You Hate Handicapping This Is For You

Are you that player who has two horses, elimniates one and the the one you elminated wins? This is defintiely for you!

This book has sold many copies and has helped thousands of players worldwide take control and stop the bleeding of money. This system is absolutely perfect if you are betting online, because you and wait until the last minute to play – AND you get cash back or rewards for every net dollar you bet. This method will allow you to squeeze the  absolute maximum out of every dollar you wager- so you can take advantage of those juicy rebates some online platforms offer.

What Tracks and Races Should You Play – Which Should You Avoid?
That's right. We have added a new feature to this book. We will show you where you could find the tracks that have been red-hot for favorites over the last 30 days and which are ice cold. On top of that you will get a list of the EXACT race types that are bringing home the highest percentage of favorites. Combine the 2 and your win rate could reach almost 50%! That information alone is worth the price of the book.

What If There Are Co-Favorites – Which Do I Bet?

Great question! Many times you will have a race where two horses are very similar odds. How do you know who to bet? Inside this book you'll find the answer as to how to read the toteboard and know who the real favorite is. HINT: it has nothing to do with the win place or show pools. 

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