Huge Longshots: Three Is A Charm

three is a charm

Winning at Horse Racing – Three is a Charm!

Racetrack wagering is an activity that people have enjoyed for decades. Betting on horses to win, place, and show can be one of the most exciting times of your life. For one brief moment, you are a partial owner of one horse and if he can beat the other horses to the finish line, your investment may pay off in a big way.

People often search for all kinds of tips when they are racetrack wagering. This may be because the sport of horse racing can be very wide open. Any horse can be defeated during any given race. This is why betting on the favorite is not always a sure payday. There are horse racing systems available that can provide you with the racing tips that you need.

There are many different bets that you can make when racetrack wagering. But the most revered thing of all is the horse racing tip. As anyone knows you can have lots of horse racing information to choose from, but which is the right information? Consistantly placing your finger on the right horse racing tips could bring you loads of money.

That brings us to the Power of 3. For whatever reason, it seems horse racing cycles run in threes. For example loads of people jump all over 1st time lasix, then if the horse loses they jump off the bandwagon on to the next hot tip. But a smart and patient player will wait for the Power of 3 to take place. That means backing the horse for the first 3 races with the lasix, blinkers, class change, surface change or whatever!

You'll see this can pay handsome dividends. For example, the lasix horse may go to post at say 3-1 odds because of the angle. He may run a speed and fade race, finishing in last perhaps. The next race the pubic lets the same horse they bet down go to post a 20-1 odds and what happens? He wires the field with lots of energy to spare and the people that backed him last week are left holding the bag.

So the next time you are digging into the Daily Racing Form, be sure to look at horses that are in the 3rd part of cycle, especially if they are longshots. A tip like this could be your chance to finally make a profit from the wonderful sport of horse racing.



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