How to Win the Kentucky Derby

how to win the kentucky derbyWinning Kentucky Derby Angle 

How to win the Kentucky Derby? Not a simple task. But, if you are searching an interesting way to learn how, you've found it. This one simple tip can make you some major dollars. It has worked pretty well over the years and we are looking for it to work again this year. Why? Because this is year the Kentucky Derby (in our opinion) has no real stand out horse.

Last year we could not bring ourselves to bet the ultimate winner Smarty Jones – instead we backed Birdstone and were handsomely rewarded  later on in the Belmont.

But last year is gone and here's a potentially winning angle for the Kentucky Derby 2005. There are no Beyer numbers involved. No Dosage Index. Nothing like that. We've boiled it down to one thing – horse players' incredibly shot memories.
Here's all you have to do:

Look at the results of the Kentucky Derby Futures wagering. On race day compare the closing odds to the actual odds of the horses as they get closer to post time.

The horse(s) you want to bet on are overlays. In other words, they were bet lower in the Futures pool than they go to post on Derby day. For example, horse A was bet down to $16.00 in the Futures pool (that's 7-1 odds) and is going to post on Derby day at say 18-1 odds.

That horse would be your bet across the board and in exactas with other horses that fit the above parameters. (Remember, Derby day prices are very inflated because of all the uninformed money dumped into the pari-mutual pools!).


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