Horse Distance Betting

horse distance betting

Horse Distance Betting that Produces Big Boxcar Winners!

Every single day gamblers and horse racing players furiously search the Daily Racing Form and the Internet for that one piece of data that would be the Holy Grail of horse betting and magically transform them from losers to winners.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. There are many variables in each and every race that make such an idea out-of-reach. There are however, some tried and true handicapping angles that can put a lot of money in your pocket when you catch them.

No matter what, horse racing is horse racing, and there are some fundamentals that will never change. Trainers, owners, jockeys and many good handicappers know this and use it to their advantage. One of the most powerful handicapping tips you can use in Thoroughbred racing is distance changes.

Just because a horse is entered in a six furlong race today means he's out to win. Many times this race is a prep for the next race at either a longer or shorter distance. So it always pays to ask, "can this horse win at this distance?"

Well, here are some sneaky horse racing distance changes that trainers pull off to put over big longshots. This leaves many uninformed players scratching their heads – while other astute horse racing handicappers are lining their pockets with cash – lots of cash!

Here are a few distance switches you should look for. Give extra consideration for horses changing distances from:

#1.)        6 – 6.5 furlongs to a 1 Mile or 1 Mile 1/16th race

#2.)       1 Mile race 1 Mile 1/16th race to a 6 – 6.5 furlong race

#3.)       5 – 5.5 furlongs to a 1 Mile race (this is very powerful!)

#4.)       1 Mile race to a 5 – 5.5 furlong race

#5.)       2 – 6 furlong races to a Route Grass Race

#6.)     For Maidens: 2 – 6 or 6.5 furlong races to a 1 mile 1/16 or 1 mile 1/8 race
(super powerful if combined with a drop in class!)

#7.)     7 furlongs to 1 mile 1/16

#8.)     1 mile 1/16 to 7 furlongs

Well there you have some super-potent trainer distance changes that can produce very big-priced horse racing longshots. Another thing to always look for a horse that is a big favorite doing one of these distance changes – and there is another horse in the race doing the same distance switch but overlooked in the wagering.


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