Horse Betting Basics

horse betting basics

This article starts with horse betting basics and includes handicapping methods and how to spot a live horse. You'll find out what clues to look for and what pitfalls to avoid. Let's get started.

1. Look for horses that finished in the money, that is first, second or third at their last four starts in their current campaign.

2.Include any non-placed run if it finished its most recent race within two lengths of the winner.

3.Last run must be on the same track as today unless it is shipped from a major track (Belmont, Churchill, Santa Anita) to a minor track (Penn National, Turf Paradise, Mountaineer). This little method will give you a few good horses to check out and regularly comes up with some good winners.

4. If the horse was a favorite or low adds horse in its last race and today is over 10-1 in the same type race or lesser, take a shot! This method can return some big longshots.

5. Don't bet on a horse that won at longshot odds its last race and is the favorite or at low odds today. If you weren't there for the wedding why go to the funeral?

6. Look for a horse that had proven a winner at either the track or distance. Or box the top 3 money-earners at either the track or distance. This is a powerful handicapping tool that's simple to use when betting horses.

7. If a horse is a heavy favorite due to a class drop or favorable distance change, look for another horse that is doing the same thing only being ignored at higher odds – this little gem can really make your day at the race track.

8. Never play more than 2 race tracks at a time. It's so tempting with Satellite simulcasting but unless you want to blow through your money in about 30 minutes, don't do it.

9. Have a goal in mind. If you go to the track and say, I'd like to win $50 today, that's a goal. But if you say, I only want to lose $50 that's a goal too. And your mind will make sure you achieve it. So what's better to have as a goal, reasonable winnings or tolerable losses? It's up to you.

10. Look for threes. Anytime a horse is doing something for a third time, that can be a very good thing. 3rd time lasix, 3rd time blinkers, 3rd race off a layoff, 3rd race in a new class – for whatever reason this is a horse racing miracle number. Keep your eye on it.



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