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Our free downloads will help you if you are just starting out or have just started playing horses or just perfecting your skills. The first advice I can give you right off the bat is get SOLID and planned handicapping lessons. Most novice horse players will spend their first few months trying to find free picks and the result is very poor win percent and lost money.

I made this mistake, and wish I had just sacked up and spent the time and money to gather all the information I could and study, study, study. After I did my skills DRAMATICALLY improved.

Long story short, you need planned out, in order, step by step training from people who reveal their results BEFORE hand. This is the fastest way to get better.

Here Is A FREE System To Get You Off On The Right Foot

While this is definitely not the be all and say all when it comes to winning money at the races, it will give you a HUGE advantage. Why? In horse racing the favorite, or public choice wins roughly 33-35% of the time. There few if any handicappers that can best that. But this little secret shows you how to bump up the 33% to 43%. So even a novice can do what most experts cannot, pick more winners than the handicapping public. Enjoy and good luck! Oh and I also encourage you to look around the site we have more articles and systems that can not only increase your overall win rate, but perhaps put some cash in your pockets as well.

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