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This is my first entry under the comments section so it'll be a bit longer.  I want you to get to know what type of bettor/handicapper I am and that's hard to do in just one or two sentences.  In the future I'll change this from the comment section to the summary section.

Anyway, I was about half-way through my betting day and hadn't made a bet on any of my own personal choices.  This was difficult because several of the horses I liked won at good prices.  I'm not a person who bets on favorites, nor am I constantly searching for the longest shot on the board, just some good prices from time to time.  Over the years, I've learned how to play all day and not "get hurt".  This typically means staying out of races where I can't find a horse to beat a really short priced favorite and any race that I can't figure out; like low priced claiming races or races with a lot of first time starters.  Unfortunately, what this approach leads to is long term losing.  Admission $5, DRF $4, program $2, food $6, gas $5, like every other handicapper I'm $22 down as soon as I hit the door.  Multiply this times 5 and it's costing approximately $110 a week just to play, do you get the picture?

So, half the day's gone and I'm dropping $2 a race on the "Rebound" system.  I was 0-3 before I hit the $5.20 winner at SA.  7 races later I hit another small payout at Golden Gate for $3.80. I was beginning to think I had just wasted another $59.95 on another losing system, but I had looked through some past racing forms and saw that there had been winners.  And, the horses had won at great prices.  Being down less than $20 bucks I decided, just stay with it, because one good winner will get you even.
There were several horses that the system pointed out that probably should not have been played, because the prices were actually too short?I  figured out in a hurry that this system is looking for the "big score".  I also understood that the winning percentage is about 2 in 10, so I'm probably catching the system in a bad streak?I'm not new to the game and in 1997 personally lost 27 straight races in a row!  I survived that, I can survive this.

Although this is an anti-climatic way to end the comments, the system produced, and I mean produced, because it handicapped this horse and eliminated several others that qualified, the $145.40 winner in the 7th race at Turf Paradise (Devil's Ace). Unbelievable!!!

Calvin M.

"A product that is fun and simple to use in the handicapping industry does not come around too often, unless you spend a lot of money on it. These are fun products, the programs were so much fun to read that they were worth the price alone, and with Thoro-Profits, on the second day I used it, I hit a 42.00 win at Great Lakes. I wagered  22.00 for the win ticket, so it truly has paid for itself.  That was a nice day. Thanks again." C.P.

"Thank you for the url and the free picks today. I decided that I would play your picks and if I made $100.00 I would buy your system. Well, I did a little better than that – I hit the 1st pick-3 at Fairgrounds for $1,002.00. Amazing! After trying so many, someone finally delivered with their system. Kudos to whoever bet-won is. I ordered the full package today and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I'm not going to bet again until I have your material and have figured it out." V.M.

"First time writing to a systems writer with a "thank you". Usually I just look for what can be salvaged from their ridiculous claims.  I'm not an awful handicapper, but short on attention span, love spot plays, tote systems etc… That's why when I received Thoro-Profits I couldn't believe it, not that it would work, but that it was soooo easy.  Anyway, yesterday was first full day with Thoro-Profits at Gulfstream, aside from a few nice exactas I also had Littlebitastuff in the 8th and Shining Rock in the 10th ($47.40 and 46.40 for $2 win ticket) Not naive enough to think this will happen everyday, but Thoro-Profits paid for itself in one sitting!! Also played Bay Meadows with great success, only played r3-8, but had each winner!  Enough gushing, Thanks again.  Oh, and by the way, the issue with my e-mail was never fixed, but you guys came through great and met every promise you made!"  T.W.

"I've had your Thoro-Profit system about a month now.  I CANNOT believe the results! I am using the money management system & betting 2 horses in qualified races @ 2 tracks.  It's so easy & I've recorded every bet in my journal. Last week the DBA for one of my bankrolls was up to $2,200.  Not a problem, the other positions were winning & eventually I hit the race to clean up that underwater position. Well it's just incredible. My highlight was on Saturday.  I was playing Ellis Park (nice big fields similar to Arlington) & the system pointed out the 2nd rated horse that was going off @ 37-1.  Needless to say I made it one of my 2 selections in the race.  The horse paid $76.80!" –   F.H.

"I have been handicapping for over 25 years and it seems that I have been looking at the wrong end of the horse!  I have the most sophisticated handicapping software that you can imagine…and at times I hit 50%+ winners…however, your wagering strategy coupled with the money management scheme beats it hands down.  One thing I've noticed thus far is that you have to avoid small fields (6 or less).  Even though you will get the winner, the payoff will not make up for the losses.  I will be checking the card of various tracks around the country to see if the strategy holds up….but I suspect that it will.  I have never seen anything like what you have…and I thought I'd seen it all." – C.O.

"G'Day, I have used [Bet-Won] at a few tracks and the price of the winners it has picked up is quite amazing, the first track i played in the 3rd race brought home a 20/1 winner and the quinella paid $35.00. yesterday at belmont it found a $50 winner!!!! It doesnt stop there your system just found another $50 winner!!! Great Work!" – G.M. Australia


"I have been using [Rebound] with good success. I had a $55.70 winner today at Woodbine, also has a $39.80 winner at Woodbine on July 3rd. In fact, for the month of July, I played only horses listed above 2-1 on the morning line. There were 167 plays with 45 winners (27%). My profit on $2 bets is $125.10 – J.C. Canada


"Today is the first time I tried the system [Thoro-Profits]…at 2 tracks….Monmouth/Suffolk and at Belmont/Delaware and it was very interesting. Momouth…picked the winner $ 42.00. The exacta $ 243.00, and triple.$647. Very impressive for the first race played with the system." -M.M.

Dear Sirs: I would like to thank you, for your bet-won system. I have had a $50.40 winner, a $33.00 winner, along with a $11.60 and a $16.80 winner in the last 4 days on two tracks. I stopped wagering once I hit the above winners all within the first 5 races. YOU HAVE A WINNER WITH YOUR SYSTEM, and I will forever be grateful. – Gordon

I just got home but not in time to place a bet on Calder 3rd race. $100 winner on a $2 bet!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! – C.R.

"This is a GREAT package! Already used it and paid for it, It works great at my dog track. Gonna take a swipe at jai-alai this weekend." T.T

"I was able to look over your system for about 20 minutes this morning before heading out to work, and was pretty amazed at some of the results it produced. I'm excited about.. finding a system I can actually make some money at, without having to dump tons of hours and/or cash into!" P.M.

" I bought your system here in Carson City, Nevada and I went to Lake Tahoe. And in 8 days I made $630 playing 5 tracks daily. Last night I hit a $40 winner, a $28 winner and an $18 winner. I just wanted to say thanks for the system." – A.S.



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