Thoro-Profits Horse Racing System

Thoro-Profits Horse Racing System


Thoro-Profits Horse Racing SystemYou've heard all the complaints. That jockey pulled up too soon! Another favorite? What a fix. Ah, everyone knows that trainer uses the juice. Oh jeez, that guy bet my horse too? No wonder I lost! Stop that stinking thinking with the Thoro-Profits horse racing system.

It's a fact, horse racing handicapping is a grueling, thankless task. We try, and try, and try and some days to no avail. In the meantime, some know-nothing novice hits an $18,000 Pick-3 playing birthday numbers. Dirty rotten luck we mutter. But is it really?

Learn the Truth and Become A Handicapping Warrior Today!

The reality is that the difference between success and failure at horse racing is not only a matter of good handicapping. There's something more. Some of the most awful handicappers I know are successful while excellent players face nothing but failure. Let's go to the silver screen for a quick example:

In the movie 'Let it Ride,' Richard Dreyfuss plays Jay Trotter a separated, recovering gambling addict, whose world of perennial loser friends include fellow cab driver Looney.

One night as Looney is driving a shadowy Horse Trainer and Owner he records the trainer who says in part, "I've had my boy hold her back the last eight races. It's a sure thing. Bet the horse Charity heavy and you'll laugh all the way to the bank."

They end up at the racetrack with all the money that they have between them, $100 to bet Charity in the first race.

Trotter bets the horse and parlays it into huge winnings, all along repeating how he "knew" he was going to have a great day (though he did show much comical angst along the way.) While Looney, who constantly curses his luck and bemoans his lot in life doesn't even bet the horse and is jealous of Trotter's winning.

You see, the man who knew he was going to win, won. While the man who knew he was going to lose, lost. While this is a fictitious example, the reality of it is not far off.

Some Call It Being In The Zone. Now YOU Can Achieve It Anytime, Anywhere 24 When You Know The Trick.

The fact is you CAN be successful and have all the luck you want at any venture you choose. Yes, even horse racing. Remember, there are many ways to handicap a race, but only one horse wins. So while important, a good horse racing system alone is not going to do it all – it takes a combination of body, mind and spirit. The truth is that it's all quite easy to master. It takes a simple thought and change anyone can make. And when you flip that switch, you'll be unbeatable! Thoro-Profits horse racing system will show you how.

How Would You Like To Predict 70%-75% Winners By Quickly Scanning a Horse's Past Performance
For One Key Detail?

As I said before, there are literally thousands of ways to handicap a race. The Holy Grail would be something, lucid and clear. Something that doesn't have hundreds of exceptions, rules and contradictions.

So what is one of the main attributes that makes a race horse a good wagering prospect? Why speed of course.

Yes, we know this is not THE be all and end all, but it is a MAJOR reason you would bet on a horse. Look at it this way who would you take in a foot race, Carl Lewis or Tiger Woods? Both are superb GRADE 1 athletes. Both are focused as heck. Both have the heart of a winner. Yet you know Carl Lewis would leave Tiger Woods in the dust.

So why is it so hard for handicappers to perceive that speed is where it all starts?

Sometime around 1996 I discovered that horses with a certain speed characteristic won 70% or more of the races I covered. I'm talking all surfaces and all distances. Now, I've handicapped literally thousands of races over the years. But I just would not believe it unless I saw it staring me right in the face. It was not something obvious. Oh no. It was hidden deep in the sea of tiny past performance numbers – quite sneaky and hard to find.

I quickly grabbed a huge stack of old Daily Racing Forms and went over race after race after race. I tallied up the winners and the winners came in at well over 70%!

Believe me I ran to the track the next day, a Sunday, and had the day of my life. I played 3 tracks and hit the winner in 80% of the races. My pockets stuffed with cash, I went home a happy camper. And I've kept this gem to myself until now. But there's more.

You'll Also Get The 6-1+ Longshot System That Will Have You Cashing Double Digit Winners At An Astonishing Rate.

It's been said how difficult it is to show a positive ROI (Return On Investment) at the races. I say, "Oh yeah? Puh!"

Of course it's hard when you're playing low priced horses. I mean, sure, if you're hitting at a 35% rate and averaging a puny price of $5.50, you'd be at a loss in the long run.

Most people stick to the low priced horses because they don't have the nerve to bet longshots. And the reason for that is people cannot take losing for very long, they consider losing 4-5 races in a row a personal failure. They begin to panic.

Chalk players would rather cash more often and lose slower. But if you want a flat-bet positive ROI you have to play higher odds horses, which potentially means more losses but much higher-priced winners.

With my 6-1+ system I think I've created a masterpiece where you can get plenty of action AND enjoy an unbelievably high strike rate. Check this out. Here's how our system did on May 20 & 21, 2004

5/20 Belmont – Term In Office $18.20; Bay Meadows – Dandi Candy 23.80; Arlington – Peering Over $56.40; Prospect Green $32.40; Formal Decree $41.00 (we would have had to bet on 86 races to go into negative ROI – and because we were spot betting we didn't come close. We had a stupid-high ROI of 217%.)

5/21 Arlington – Counttheblessings $14.60; Hollywood – Tricky Travis $46.80; Super Strut $112.00; Pimlico – Bud Draft Please $12.60; Calder – U Madea Fortune $25.20; So Proud $21.00 Churchill – Colonial Inca $55.40

Those dates we spot bet at Belmont, Arlington, Churchill, Pimlico, Calder, Hollywood and Bay Meadows. So we did NOT play every race, and each race had only 1 selection, no dutching, no multiple plays. Not too bad, eh?

It's funny, when I think about the years of concentrating on the racing form so long I could have burnt a hole through it. Then it finally hit me, "the people who create the past performances spend their entire work day doing all the work for us. Why try and re-invent the wheel?" Who would have thought it could be so darn simple. But it is!

ALERT!!! On Jan 1, 2007 we gave away (yes that's free of charge) and huge $28,930.40 PICK-6 at Santa Anita. Documented and true on our blog. Check it out if you need proof!

Read What Two Longtime Horse-Players Have to Say…

"I've had your Thoro-Profit horse racing system about a month now.  I CANNOT believe the results! I am using the money management system & betting 2 horses in qualified races @ 2 tracks.  It's so easy & I've recorded every bet in my journal. Last week the DBA for one of my bankrolls was up to $2,200.  Not a problem, the other positions were winning & eventually I hit the race to clean up that underwater position. Well it's just incredible. My highlight was on Saturday.  I was playing Ellis Park (nice big fields similar to Arlington) & the system pointed out the 2nd rated horse that was going off @ 37-1.  Needless to say I made it one of my 2 selections in the race.  The horse paid $76.80!" –   F.H.

"I have been handicapping for over 25 years and it seems that I have been looking at the wrong end of the horse!  I have the most sophisticated handicapping software that you can imagine…and at times I hit 50%+ winners…however, your wagering strategy coupled with the money management scheme beats it hands down.  One thing I've noticed thus far is that you have to avoid small fields (6 or less).  Even though you will get the winner, the payoff will not make up for the losses.  I will be checking the card of various tracks around the country to see if the strategy holds up….but I suspect that it will.  I have never seen anything like what you have…and I thought I'd seen it all." – C.O.

Feel The Power of Thoro-Profits Both Inside and Out!

Combining the powerful handicapping techniques and developing the Handicapping Warrior within you is the most powerful thing you will ever do in your life. The mental techniques in Thoro-Profits can easily be translated to other parts of your life as well.

In fact, when you put on the mind of a Handicapping Warrior you'll even feel better physically. There's no doubt as to the body/mind connection in business, fun and life.

And just to put your mind at ease, this is not religious at all, or superstitious. It does not involve repeating nice things to yourself over and over. It's simply a new way of thinking that everyone desperately needs.

In my humble opinion, the greatest mistake in life is NOT discovering or using this power. Yes, you can achieve remarkable success just using the hard handicapping techniques in your Thoro-Profits horse racing system, but why not take advantage of it all? The power is there inside us all, and when you know how to tap into it – look out.

And Here's Yet Another Testimonial to the Power of This System!

"First time writing to a systems writer with a "thank you". Usually I just look for what can be salvaged from their ridiculous claims.  I'm not an awful handicapper, but short on attention span, love spot plays, tote systems etc… That's why when I received Thoro-Profits I couldn't believe it, not that it would work, but that it was soooo easy. 

Anyway, yesterday was first full day with Thoro-Profits at Gulfstream, aside from a few nice exactas I also had Littlebitastuff in the 8th and Shining Rock in the 10th ($47.40 and 46.40 for $2 win ticket) Not naive enough to think this will happen everyday, but Thoro-Profits paid for itself in one sitting!! Also played Bay Meadows with great success, only played r3-8, but had each winner!  Enough gushing, Thanks again.  Oh, and by the way, the issue with my e-mail was never fixed, but you guys came through great and met every promise you made!"  T.W.

Get Iron-Grip Control and Gain Power Over "Bad Luck"

And so, I am offering you Thoro-Profits – the power to make big money at the races – the ability to cash 70%-75% winners – the skill to cash multiple longshot tickets each and every day.

Enjoy a quiet confidence – one that will make you stand out from the crowd of the everyday losing horseplayers. They'll be calling you Mr. or Ms. Surething!

Take on a new personality, and the spell-binding power to achieve just whatever it is you desire – and become a winning horseplayer.

But it's up to you to make the move from ordinary to extraordinary. The next few minutes could be the greatest in your life – are you ready for a meaningful change?

Thoro-Profits is NOW coupled with the Powerful Thoro-Angles System

For the past several months we did not include Thoro-Angles with Thoro-Profits, it had to be purchased seperately. Now you get Thoro-Angles included. It's a great compliment to Thoro-Profits. This contains 10 deadly angles that will help you weed out the best Thoro-Profit selection, ususally at double digit prices. One winner from Thoro-Angles will pay for itself twice over!

Order Your Copy of Thoro-Profits/Thoro-Angles Now and Cash More and More!

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don't just beat the odds; pulverize them. Order Thoro-Profits/Thoro-Angles now for $29.95 and learn how easy it is to stack the odds in your favor, and ensure your success at the track. 

Start Cashing BIG Winners Immediately.

So don't delay. Click the BUY NOW button and order your copy of Thoro-Profits/Thoro-Angles today. and enjoy a steady stream of winners now.

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