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win money at horse racing

Bet-Won offers horse racing systems proven to win over and over and weekly horse racing picks. We have many systems that have been track-tested to win using the past performance information from online tools such as BetMix. New players should check out this Horse Racing Wikipedia page for background information so you can maximize how quickly you internalize the terms and information on our site.

Our systems are super easy to learn. In fact, they're so easy to learn even the newest noob can pick them up fast.While we can't put our hands in your pockets and place your bets for you, we can teach you how to pick more winners than the next guy. Then the discipline is up to you. Stick to the program and you will be a winner – others are right now, why not you? 

How To Choose The Right System

If you are looking into mastering the art of handicapping or just looking for a quick way to win money at horse racing, we have a racing system or tool you can use. There are many ways to handicap a race and certain techniques that can help you master your wagering style. There are many different types of handicapping styles you can learn from, which we will cover in easy-to-understand detail in our systems. No matter what your preference we have the tools to help you win money at horse racing:

  • Exacta and Trifecta Bettors
  • Favorite Bettors
  • Toteboard Players
  • Pick-3 Players 

What About Free Stuff?

We are constantly pumping out free handicapping information on both our blog and our YouTube Channel. There are very few horse racing websites out there that will provide free picks from their systems before releasing them to the public. We have been doing this since 2003. In fact, you can check out our Blog in the toolbar above and see for yourself. Recently we have been posting our picks on YouTube which makes it easier for our elder players as they can listen and expand their screens for better viewing. If you are interested in keeping up to date with our free picks and handicapping articles I highly suggest signing up for our email list or by following us via email notifications.

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Let it Ride Movie

Stay Tuned

We will be releasing a ton more info here in the coming days and weeks ahead. Until then enjoy this hilarious horse racing call


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